In-Plant Inoculant Technologies & Products for a More Profitable & Sustainable Agriculture

Closeup of Corn stalk, leaf and ear

“One of the things that has come out over the last two years: we used to feed flaked corn. And normally, when you feed flaked corn with corn silage, you can reduce the amount of corn. But because the silage is so good, we’ve been able to go back to ground corn, so we’ve reduced costs that way.”

Ash Grove Dairy – Lake Benton, MN

Livestock Producers

Use Your Corn Silage Acres to Profitably Produce the Sustainable Milk and Beef Processors Want to Buy!

New IONfx™ Seed2Rumen™ in-plant microbial inoculant technology and elite corn silage genetics and traits work together to produce a more highly digestible silage to produce today’s fine-tuned ruminant livestock rations for next level results.

Scientifically scrutinized for plant, ruminant animal and environment safety; evaluated for enhanced feed efficiency input in the laboratory; trialed on-farm and screened for sustainability attributes since 2019.

Seed-applied in-plant microbial inoculants allow forage crops grown for silage harvest to …

  • … better manage available nutrients, internal physiological functions and environmental stressors during the growing season to drive yield.
  • … produce a forage at harvest with a more highly digestible fiber and available proteins to aid the ensiling process and reduce dry matter losses in the pile, bag or bunker.
  • … complement other TMR components and feed additives.
  • … reduce the amount of feed needed per hundred weight of milk or beef weight gain.
  • … contribute to farm net income from the field, through the herd, to the processor while meeting sustainability goals along the way.

Agrovive Biologicals’ in-plant inoculants for forage crops are a profitable and sustainable strategy for forward-thinking producers, processors and the consumer.