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Growing Season and Post-Harvest Expectations

Improve Germination and Seedling Vigor

In the field germination, vegetative and reproductive and maturity stage difference between inoculated and not, are difficult to see or quantify until harvest, especially under ideal growing situations.

A trained eye may see:

  • Seedling stage plant counts and leaf number differences due to additional phosphorus uptake during germination and seedling development.
  • Reduced effect of short-term heat or moisture stress.
  • Be aware – Fungicide treatments for tar spot or other foliar leaf diseases can eliminate all microbial activity within a plant. Check the label for microbiology impact.
  • Accelerated maturity. Inoculated acres of the same hybrid tend to be ready for silage harvest sooner. Start burndowns earlier on treated acres.
  • Continue to apply the conventional silage inoculant at the chopper to assure proper ensiling.
  • Yield and/or forage quality advantages are best identified over the scale or by replicated lab forage samples.
  • When switching from untreated silage to treated or vis versa, advise your nutrionist and monitor animal response closely during the transition period.