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Foliar-Applied Inoculant

In the field germination, vegetative and reproductive and maturity state difference between inoculated and not are difficult to see or quantify until harvest.

A trained eye may see:

  • Applied by crop sprayer, aerial or fertigation as soon as practical after stan establishment. The longer the bacteria are in the plant the greater the opportunity to produce an enhanced forage. If the goal is greenhouse gas emission reduction only, apply up to three weeks prior to silage harvest.
  • Follow all label instructions regarding a clean applicator, product compatibility testing and avoid tank mix compounds that may be harmful to the bacteria such as micro nutrient copper,
    certain fungicides, glyphosate and chlorinated water
Chopping Silage in field

In the pile, stack, bag or up-right silo; in the rumen and onto the manure pit

  • Hybrids in 2021 side-by-side Midwest corn silage trials averaged 2.4 more tons per acre when pre-inoculated with Seed2Rumen.
  • In-plant silage has been grown on thousands of acres and fed to tens of thousands of cows
    without crop-failure and complete livestock safety
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