Commitment to Research

Commitment to Continual Research and Data-Based Opportunities

Chopping Silage in field

Agrovive Biologicals is committed to providing hard data to back up claims of improved on-farm profitability and sustainability. In addition to on-farm trials completed to date and in vitro analysis of methane reduction by Fermentrics Laboratories, the company has initiated a 150,000-animal study to determine the ongoing impact of feeding a high digestible forage crop treated with our in-plant inoculants. Begun in 2019, this study is already showing an increase in milk produced per ton of dry matter alongside reduced GHG emissions, both enteric and in the manure.

The continued study will also investigate impacts on reproduction and lactation cycling in dairy animals, along with how using a highly digestible feed may impact the economics and carrying capacity for pasture-raised livestock production.

Data developed through this study will be anonymized and made available to researchers across the globe.

Agrovive Biologicals has also been consulting with a network of like-minded companies behind the scenes to develop a proprietary greenhouse gas impact assay to bring profitability to the sustainability value chain.

Ration component impact has been studied in the in-vitro Fermentrics Laboratories in Ottawa, Canada, for the last three years to determine why plants that exhibit an improved fiber digestibility profile impact greenhouse gas production and show an increase in projected milk or beef production. This foundational data is being used to create a commercial laboratory feed test that can be used to show the reduction in greenhouse gas anticipated from a dairy or beef cow. This is under further development to create an assay that can be used for a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) greenhouse gas estimate that can be used to create a Carbon Intensity Score method for farm use.

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